BTS' Suga Leaves Fans Emotional with Last Live Before Joining Military; Jin and J-Hope Send 'Strength' and Love

During his live stream, Suga expressed his gratitude to fans for their support over the years. He also shared his hopes and dreams for the future, saying that he wanted to continue making music that would make fans happy. Suga's emotional goodbye left many fans in tears.

Jin and J-Hope both commented on Suga's live stream to send him their love and support. Jin even joked around with J-Hope, asking him where he had gone while he was texting him. J-Hope responded that he had been watching Suga's live stream

Suga is expected to be discharged from the military in 2025. In the meantime, fans can still enjoy his music and support him by following him on social media.

Suga has not yet announced any specific plans for the future, but he has said that he wants to continue making music and performing for fans. He has also expressed interest in acting and producing.

ARMYs love and support Suga unconditionally. They are proud of everything he has accomplished, and they are excited for his future. ARMYs wish Suga a safe and successful military service, and they look forward to seeing him again in 2025.

Thank you, Suga, for all that you do. You are an inspiration to us all. We love you and we support you always.